Gemstone Spotlight: Amethyst

Amethyst Meaning, Properties and Benefits

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The Meaning of Amethyst: The Healing Crystal of Positive Energy

Long ago this vivid purple gemstone was once considered to be as luxurious as rubies and emeralds. The Ancient Greeks, medieval royalty, Egyptians and even soldiers seeking protection in battle adorned this fascinating stone! 

Now, the beautiful and popular amethyst stone is widely used in jewelry and alternative medicine making it accessible to all who seek to find inner peace and balance in their lives. If you’re thinking you could use that kind of stability, read on to learn how you can use this healing crystal to do just that.

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What is Amethyst?

Have you ever stopped to wonder where this stunning gemstone came from? Unless you’re a crystal or gem enthusiast probably not, but the answers may surprise you! 

purple amethyst crystal cluster

The amethyst gemstone is a purple variety of the mineral quartz, the most common mineral on Earth’s surface. Amethyst is formed when hot lava containing silicon dioxide cools, trapping pockets of gas and iron. These pockets are mined from the Earth and called geodes. They range in size from 2oz to 2 tons and produce stunning colors ranging from pale lilac to deep purple.

This semi-precious gemstone is a sturdy stone with a Mohs hardness of 7, it’s a great gem to use in jewelry as it can handle the wear and tear that comes with usage over time!

The Legend of Amethystos

According to Greek mythology the amethyst gemstone was created from an encounter between Dionysis, the god of wine, and a maiden he was pursuing. As the story goes, the beautiful maiden, Amythestos, prayed to the gods to keep her chaste and away from the wine god’s advances. The goddess Artemis answered her prayers by turning her into a pure white stone (a solution only sensible in Greek mythology!?). In a fit of grief, Dionysis spills his wine on the stone, staining it purple and creating the first amethyst. The story carried and the amethyst crystal has been synonymous with chastity and passion ever since.

Ancient Greeks would adorn their cups with these stunning purple stones to ward off drunkenness. Although not effective against intoxication, this did lead the way for many more ideologies like level-headedness and better concentration. Many greats minds, including Da Vinci, believed amethyst added to their intelligence.

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Types of Amethysts

We’ve talked about what this healing crystal is and its history, but there are still more facets to learn about this February birthstone. You may have admired an amethyst crystal in a shop or recognized it as part of a friend’s necklace but never thought about how many variations exist. There are variations you might not have thought to call amethyst and some you shouldn’t!

Some of the most popular types of amethyst are:

      • Chevron or banded amethyst
      • Matrix amethyst
      • Rose de France amethyst 
      • Siberian amethyst
multiple varieties of amethyst

Many varieties exist, most named for their purple hues such as the pale, pinkish Rose de France or the rich red/purple Siberian amethysts. Matrix amethysts are still attached to their rocky bases. Then there are varieties like banded amethyst which have beautiful streaks of white quartz or hematite flowing through them. Some stones can even have black or orange inclusions giving them vibrant and unique appearances.

Although there are many types of amethyst, be careful of misnomers! If you’ve every heard of green amethyst, yellow amethyst or pink amethyst, you may have thought to yourself “Isn’t amethyst purple?” – Trust your gut!

Now, “technically” when we speak of green (prasiolite), yellow (citrine), and pink amethyst (dyed) crystals, they are different from their purple cousins. Prasiolite, citrine, and pink varieties are derived from traditional quartz at different temperatures or infused with different minerals – making them similar but not the same!

Now here is the confusing part. Natural occurring prasiolite or citrine are rare so many commercially sold stones are created in a lab … from amethysts! What!? I know, but like I said “technically” (according to the Federal Trade Commission) amethyst is a quartz variety with purple coloring. I don’t make the rules folks…

Amethyst Meaning

As society is opening up more and more to alternative medicine and the metaphysical properties of crystals like amethyst, information on their properties is being widely distributed. If you are familiar with crystals then you know these meanings have been passed down from generation to generation and have been here long before their widespread use in media.

Amethyst is a healing crystal of positive energy. That means it is used to repel the vibrations or energies that your body doesn’t need, while at the same time, it draws IN positive energy. It pushes away negative thoughts, anxiety, tension and temptation while inviting clarity, peace and happiness.

This process of energy filtration brings calm and clarity to situations that may have been overwhelming otherwise. Many believe by focusing your mind, you can increase willpower to overcome temptations and eventually resist your indulgences (remember the Greeks?).

Amethyst helps to amplify concentration which can lead to improved intuition and wisdom. Have you ever heard the saying “with great power also comes great responsibility”? Being able to function at a high level also requires you to be honest and kind, which luckily are also metaphysical properties of this stone!

close up of amethyst crystal geode

Summary of amethyst meanings:

      • Source of positive energy
      • Repels negativity
      • Useful for constructive thinking and actions
      • Strengthens willpower
      • Incites honesty
      • Improves insight

 It’s no secret amethyst is a stunning stone to make jewelry from, but what stones go well with amethyst? Surprisingly or not, the best stones to pair with your amethyst pieces are the ones formed from and by the quartz stone!

The top five gemstones to pair with amethyst are smoky or clear quartz, rose quartz, citrine, and tourmaline. Not only are they physically beautiful, but together they have metaphysical properties that help amplify the healing and protective properties of the amethyst. From citrine for manifestation, to rose quartz for love and serenity, crystals can be used in your everyday life to attract peace and positive energy and dispel negative energy just by wearing them!

Amethyst Benefits

Spiritually the amethyst is a crystal that, if taken care of and kept with you, can aid you in your quest for inner peace and positivity through a multitude of ways. 

To benefit from amethyst’s properties, you can keep a polished stone in your pocket or sleep with it under your pillow. Here at Kcrafts, we recommend wearing gemstone jewelry. Jewelry is a practical and creative way to be connected with metaphysical properties

Amethyst zodiac sign meaning

Being the February birthstone, it is said that people born in the month of February align well with amethyst. Aquarius and Pisces can both gain from this stone. Amethyst repels unneeded vibrations for Pisces who is energy absorbent and promotes feeling of compassion for the sometimes cold Aquarius.

Amethyst pendant resting on wood

Opening yourself up to the crystal properties of Amethyst can be a gamechanger when used correctly and with good intentions. When you first receive your amethyst, clean it with mild soapy water (but don’t submerge it!). Protect it from intense, prolonged sunlight or high temperatures and then the rest is up to you and your healing journey!

Whether you are interested in amethyst for its healing properties or its physical beauty, head over to the shop to see our selection of amethyst jewelry and bring some inner peace to your life today!

In need of improved focus or building self confidence?

Maybe you just need some good luck?

It’s easy to discover new gemstones and their properties on our Gemstone Page.

*Medical Disclaimer: Gemstones should not be used as substitute for medical treatment. Just because a crystal or stone is alleged to have one or more healing properties, either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, it does not mean that you, personally, will definitely experience, or benefit from, any such properties. Gemstones are not proven to help with any illness. If you, or someone you know, is experiencing a medical issue, seek professional medical advice.

Zodiac (4)
pisces zodiac sign

Did you know gemstones align with zodiac signs? Not to say you can’t benefit from a gem that’s not associated with your zodiac sign, but each sign seems to be especially receptive to these certain gems.

Being the February birthstone, it is said that people born in the month of February align well with amethyst. Aquarius and Pisces can both gain from this stone. Pisces can sometimes feel overburdened by a heightened sense of caring.  As energy absorbent sponges, amethysts can protect Pisces from extra or unneeded vibrations that pull them down.  Amethyst promotes feeling of compassion and happiness which can be a blessing for the sometimes cold, rational Aquarius.

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